JET MAGAZINE Fantastic Father Nominee

Photo Jun 19, 3 39 59 PM
Our  KYVAN™ family have always been involved in the community and have put maximum efforts in helping communities thrive.
Reggie was nominated for the 2013 JET MAGAZINE FANTASTIC FATHER AWARD! Here at KYVAN™, we care!

Name: Reggie Kelly

City, State: Aberdeen, MS

Occupation: Retired NFL player, Author, and CEO of KYVAN™ Soul Food Selections

Number of Children: 2

Why He’s Such a Great Father: Reggie is a man of God who represents the true meaning of integrity. He gives his time and resources to his hometown and abroad.

How He Helps Others in His Community: He throws free football camps for students who excel in the classroom, holiday food giveaways to senior citizens and free community gatherings where adults can dress up and enjoy a wonderful evening.