Nine Spice Review

KYVAN Apple ButterNothing says fall is coming like Apple Butter – so I was delighted when we got the chance to try out Kyvan’s Honey Apple Butter from the kitchen of NFL Star Reggie Kelly, his wife Sheila and their southern-cookin’ family! Go Bengals!

Having lived in the south for a few years myself – I developed a love for authentic soul food and Kyvan definitely delivers on that front. Their Honey Apple Butter has a sweet flavor without being cloying and while the spices are noticeable, they don’t overpower the fresh apple flavor. This is the kind of spread you’ll want to put on warm biscuits and enjoy any time of day. In addition, the texture is very smooth – no chunks here, which I prefer as you can use it in more ways – as a spread or an ingredient

I am looking forward to trying out Kyvan with weekend breakfast…can you say Honey Apple Butter Waffles!

Nine Spice Review, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings