NFL Player Engagement – A Mother’s Heart

A Mother’s Heart
With a Flair for Flavor

JUL 06 2013
Reggie Kelly, Sheila Kelly
Former player Reggie Kelly and his wife Sheila Kelly.
4By Shelley Barrow on July 06, 2013
By Shelley Barrow
Engagement Insider

Sheila Kelly, wife of 13 year veteran Reggie Kelly has a true “Mother’s Heart”. Known throughout the NFL as a mentor, counselor, and a listening ear, Sheila impacts lives wherever she goes. The certified “Country Girl” from Aberdeen, Mississippi, had no problem transitioning into the fast pace glamorous lifestyle of the NFL. Sheila quotes, “The transition was very easy for me because I never changed. What you saw is what you got. The money and the lifestyle did not make me better than anybody else.”

She knew she had been placed in the NFL for higher calling.

She recognized as a NFL wife, one is always transitioning and stability is not guaranteed. The need for support and encouragement was strong but not always available. Her heart went out to wives, who longed for acceptance, direction, and contentment. She brought awareness to their self-worth and personal value apart from football. As a Christian mentor, she guided women to leadership and the importance of remaining genuine.

Sheila realized, “You are family! If you are not playing football, YOU ARE STILL FAMILY. She was passionate about the women discovering who they were created to be. Understanding that they had something valuable to bring to the table. Knowing, one can always learn and be taught new things, not playing anymore does not equal, no personal value!”

The heart behind that statement, is what motivated over 400 women to let down their guards and join the first social media network, exclusively for NFL wives. Sheila created “The Wives Group Network”. She created it as a portal of communication for NFL wives to connect, reconnect, and network with friends and former NFL wives. The sites motto is, “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

Through this network, she encourages them to become the best they can be during and after the football life. In addition, Sheila features wives who are entrepreneurs and provides a platform for free advertisement and more importantly national support. It continues to strengthen the bond of NFL wives and focus on the importance of preparation for life after football.

Sheila and her husband Reggie have been preparing for life after football for some time, they are the creators and owners of Kyvan Foods. The food line, KYVAN which was derived from their children’s names (Kyla and Kavan) came into fruition after years of doing football camps in Mississippi and serving home cooked southern food. People raved about the delicious food and its flavor. Sheila and Reggie decided to take their family recipes and mass produce them and sell to various retailers throughout the country.

They specialize in all natural, and some gluten-free products ranging from Salsa, to Honey Apple Butter, Jambalaya Sauce and different BBQ sauces. KYVAN made its official arrival into several Wal-Mart locations throughout Metro Atlanta, South Carolina and Kentucky in January 2012 and the products can also be purchased in various venues throughout Mississippi and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sheila Kelly lives by the motto, “When you do the little things right, big things will follow.” She also believes, “Whatever you do, do it unto God and not man.” Whether lending a listening ear, or a helping hand to creating flavorful feasts, she is the epitome of an NFL wife preparing for the future but caring enough to reach back and lift others up.