KYVAN Foods, the Olympics and a World Hug



Watching the 2016 Summer Olympics sparked a full range of emotions. Among them are:

  • -Awe for the speed, strength, grace, flexibility, skill and endurance the athletes exhibit.
  • -Motivation, inspired by the dedication and commitment they have made to reaching world class levels of performance.
  • -Pride in our USA athletes for yes, their athletic ability, but also the leadership they display in their sports, as well as in their roles of representatives and ambassadors of our country.


It’s the display of humanity on a global scale that is really touching, I believe. Following the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team win of the Team All-Around, the team members gave each other – and their competitors hugs for a competition well done.


As I watched Aly Raisman approach one of the Chinese gymnasts with “I’ll give you a hug too.” I had to wonder – yet again – if world peace could be easily accomplished by staging a giant international games event for all us amateurs. We could compete with all our hearts and souls, and at the end of the event, all hug each other in celebration of the global effort we’d all just given.


That would be 7.4 billion hugs based on today’s population!


Sure, it’s too simple – and even naïve – to think such a thing could happen.


Still, at KYVAN® Foods, we celebrate the wonder of our world and appreciate the goodness that so many people from so many countries and of so many cultures have to offer.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Olympic spirit – with all its excellence, honor and celebration of human talent around the globe – could be something we all carry with us and share every day?