KYVAN® Appreciates the Goodness of Emerging School Meal Trends

kids lunch line

A school meal certainly is not what it used to be when I was in grade school.


In some cases, that’s a bad thing.  It’s not unusual to see reports of inadequate school meal programs.


News on promising trends, however, have me thinking “it would be great to be a kid again” from an unexpected angle: getting in on some truly great-looking school lunch programs.


Food Management started the new year with a feature article on exciting developments in K-12 dining.  Among them are:

-Utilizing locally sourced foods. In one example, staffers from school districts around Green Bay gathered to process over 3,500 pounds of local carrots and onions.


Vegetarian meals: Oregon’s The Village School focuses on vegetarian, made-from-scratch meals.


Kids lobby for a favorite condiment, boosting school lunch program participation.


Underlying these great stores is a common thread: more involvement at the school level.  Making a big difference are parents who volunteer to cook (and going through required training), staff joining forces to make the most of the benefits of local products, and schoolchildren participating as well.

KYVAN Vegetable Lasagna for school meal.

It’s impressive to see such dedication to making school meals fresher, more nutritious, more natural, and IMPORTANTLY, so flavorful!


At KYVAN® Foods, we always appreciate the goodness.  And it looks like a whole lot of goodness is growing in many school meal programs.

Keep up the great work!


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*School foodservice professionals: Let us know what’s new and healthy in your program!

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