KYVAN™ Honey Apple Salsa

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Great on salads, chicken, fish, pork, burgers, vegetables, pizza, eggs, hash browns! Also great in spaghetti, soups, stews, chili, meatloaf, traditional Mexican dishes, as a dip and as a marinade!

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“We really love KYVAN™ salsa. It taste like no other and we don’t just eat it with tortilla chips, we eat it with a variety of things. It is our favorite salsa dip.” – Chris & Karrie Crocker | Cincinnati Bengals

“KYVAN™ is an amazing salsa, it has a very distinct sweet taste to it that we love. The flavor keeps you wondering what’s all in it.” – Reggie Stephens #61 & Courtney Thomas

“I thought I would try this “off brand” salsa because of its all natural ingredients, the likes of some big name brands can’t produce. I thought, “How bad can it be?” All I can say now is OMG!!! THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. I can eat a whole jar all by myself. Just stick a spoon in and enjoy. And, since I am on Weight Watchers, it is even more amazing because of all the great flavor, low calorie and good ingredients. Better tell those people at Wal-mart to stock up. I am hooked. Thanks!!!” -Marjorie Sferra

“Both my wife and I loved the jar of KYVAN salsa that Reggie sampled out to me when I was there at his book signing at the PBS Pro Shop, and we are looking forward to finding this and all of the other wonderful products.” – Barry & Beth Wiles | Cincinnati, OH

“Kyvan salsa is the best I’ve had. So good, my tongue slapped my hat right off my head!” – Matt Wyatt | Color Analyst for Mississippi State Football

“Big fan of Reggie Kelly’s KYVAN Salsa!! Great with chips…we’re weird maybe–but we love ’em on fries too!!!” – Scott Spencer | The Scott Spencer Show, Miss98 Radio

“KYVAN Salsa is like no other. A truly delicious and unique flavor! Superb!” – Mark & Carmen Derrick | Owners of RV World of Georgia “I would say I am the hardest of critics when it comes to salsa…I can promise you that KYVAN Salsa is the best I have ever had. Well done!!!” – Matt Schobel | former Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles Tight End

“Reggie and his wife do a great job with KYVAN! I’ve tried the mild salsa and sweet BBQ Sauce, and both were fantastic. I used to think all salsas were the same. Now all I want is some KYVAN. Everything else just tastes average.” – Kyle Tait | MBraves Radio

“This is by far is the best salsa on the market. KYVAN products are the best and I’ve been lobbying my local grocery stores to start carrying all their items.” – Chris Mascaro | Host of Thursday Night Tailgate

“Not only did I love the salsa- the kids loved it too!!! Thanks for sharing the goodness with us all Reggie!” – Todd G. Gongwer | Arthur of Lead…for God’s Sake!

“KYVAN Salsa is like no other. A truly delicious and unique flavor! Superb!” – Mark & Carmen Derrick | Owners of RV World of Georgia

“Kyvan products are a must for everyone who fancies themselves as king (or queen) of the kitchen. From the barbeque sauces to the salsa, Kyvan products bring a zest to food. You can tell they are made from down home recipes with their distinct taste and flavor. I recommend these products highly for the most experienced chef or the novice. You won’t be disappointed.” – Phil Kornblut | SportsTalk Radio Network

“KYVAN FOODS has been more than supportive of the Golden Triangle Area and Town and Gown Magazine. It is always a privilege to work with the KYVAN staff. We have featured a few of the KYVAN products in our magazines and they are always a BIG hit. We always look forward to seeing what they create next!” – Claire, Editor of Town & Gown Magazine

“The honey apple salsa was “wow” tasty! ” – Ashley Perrigin | Columbus, MS

“It was really good. I tried the mild. I am definitely buying some more.” – Camile Kilgore | West Point, MS

“It has a hint of sweetness which I enjoyed, but also gives a nice kick from the peppers. The blend of flavors is excellent and I also enjoy the large chunks for dipping.” – Brian Burkhardt | Verona, NJ

“The salsa is the best! We tried it with different things and no complaints here. Keep it going!” – Byron Shelton | West Point, MS

“KYVAN™ salsa is one of the best salsas I’ve tried!! We brought it to a get together and people were huddled around the bowl! I love that it has a little sweetness to it – followed by a kick!” – Ginnie Durr | Starkville, MS

“If you haven’t had the salsa KYVAN™ then u ain’t eating right!!!! Go BUY IT!!” – Mona | Aberdeen, MS

“Finally Got to Walmart when it was NOT sold OUT…..WOW! ! ! ! ! You can TASTE Reggie’s Sweet Loving Spirit and SOUL in every bite!!!!” – Bill Arnault | Facebook

“I must announce that KYVAN Salsa is the truth!..Get yo salsa on!” – Raphael Terry | Instagram

“I was surprised that the salsa was apple and honey, but the taste is fantastic. A little heat with the right amount of sweetness!” – Chef Plum | Appeared on “The Taste” on ABC and the Food Network

“The best salsa isn’t made by the mass produced brands. It’s made by KYVAN!” – Chris Mascaro | Host of Thursday Night Tailgate

“Great! I love the Honey Apple Salsa!!!” – Cherry A. Williams | Columbus, MS the Ho