KYVAN™ Honey Apple Butter

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Great on biscuits, toast, waffles, pancakes, cornbread, and fruits! Also great in milkshakes, cobblers, cinnamon rolls, oatmeal, apple cider, cakes, pies, cookies, and more!

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“This is my one addiction I refuse to give up! I have used it in oatmeal cookies, spice cake, sweet potato pie, pumpkin pies, sweet potato casserole, waffles, buttermilk biscuits, oh yeah, melt butter mix a couple scoops of the honey apple butter with it and smear over ham and bake, yummmmmmilicious! Eat it like applesauce this stuff is awesome!” – Jennifer Huffman Williamson | Facebook

“Yes we love it. And yes I will share but it’s my guilty healthy pleasure in the morning.” – Karrie Crocker | Facebook

“Great Product! Great taste!” – Jonathan A. Williams | Nettleton, MS

“KYVAN Honey Apple Butter is wonderful and great tasting. I can’t wait to taste it on biscuits!” – Connie Stockton | West Point, MS

“Got kyvan in the turn at Old Waverly! Great products from @reggiekelly82 members and guest love it! Thank you! ..we are loving the great #kyvan products…” – Old Waverly Country Club

“Very good taste! Just like mom’s, homemade!!” – Susan Walker | Eupora, MS

“I can truthfully say this Apple Butter is better than my Grandmother’s..Of course, if she was still with me, I wouldn’t say it…LOL :)” – MB Things I Know | Facebook

“The Honey Apple Butter is awesome. It tastes fresh like grandma’s!” – Diana Mixon | Caledonia, MS

“The best Apple Butter ever! Make you wanna slap your momma! :-)” – Courtney Kirkman | Maben, MS

“The apple butter has the most divine of flavoring. I will be ordering more that is for sure, possibly by the case and I’m not kidding!!” – Tara | Canada

“Great tasting, smooth, and will go great on biscuits!” – Don | Clinton, MS

“Awesome…best I ever had!” – Tim | Ridgeland, MS

“Needs to be in the stores-it’s that good!!” – Leah | Eupora, MS

“Really Good!” – Lisa Mobley | Aberdeen, MS

“The apple butter is amazing- tastes like apple pie.” – Teresa Estes | Armory, MS

“Sweet & Smooth Good!!!” – Anne Stah | Armory, MS

“It’s good! It reminds me of my grandma’s recipe!” – Angela Bell | Aberdeen, MS

“Best apple butter I’ve ever tasted!” – Caleb Monaghan | Amory, MS

“Fantastic..absolutely EXCELLENT!!!” – Dianne Webber | Columbus, MS

“This Honey Apple Butter is very good with homemade biscuits from scratch!” Floyd Kelly Jr | West Point, MS

“I love the Honey Apple Butter that’s my favorite can’t live without it” – Angela Austin Bell | Facebook

“I hadn’t eaten Apple Butter for many, many years. My mother used to have it on the table for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Whatever brand that Apple Butter was, it was a bit tart; but, this brand is so smooth and delicious! It tastes great on pretzel buns or toast with butter. So good it makes you dance and hum after you take a bite. the taste is so yummy, yummy, yummy to my tummy, tummy, tummy. :-)” – Speaklife | Amazon

“Want some flavor in your smoothie/meal replacement that won’t jack your calories up? Add some @kyvan82 Honey Apple will give ya life!!! Try it and see!!!” – Raphael Terry | Instagram

“I used Kyvan Honey Apple Butter this weekend made a awesome coffeecake. I do love the Apple Butter for baking. Keep up the great work Nell’s Old Fashion Recipes loves Kyvan!!” – Dorothy Nell Herron | Facebook

“I love the flavor of this tasty spread. The entire Kyvan product line is based off of his family recipes and this apple butter is delicious! It’s made in small batches in order to maintain quality. Expect a nice consistency with just a hint of spice- nothing overpowering so you truly taste a pleasant apple flavor with a bit of honey. Yum!” – Rebecca

“Just eat it like applesauce! I will never forget the first taste of this at Prairie Arts in West Point last year, it brought tears to my eyes. It tastes just like my mamaw’s!” – Jennifer Huffman Williamson | Facebook

“I will honestly tell you, this is the best Apple Butter I have ever had and I tell everyone to make sure they buy it. :)” – MB Things I Know | Facebook

“Best stuff on earth!” – Cody Clark | Facebook

“all I have to say is one long word. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMYYY. LOL I love it…..Lawd please help me keep this spoon out of this Kyvan Honey Apple Butter. #thisstuffisthetruth.” – Regina | Facebook

“We used it last night actually had breakfast for dinner and kids put it on their french toast lol they love it” – Marie