KYVAN® Cucumber Bacon Ranch Dressing

Salad can be comfort food now. Appreciate the Goodness™ of bacon immersed in creamy, rich dressing. Exceptional flavor for iceberg and romaine based salads, and for dipping fresh vegetables. Add creamy bacon flavor with the fresh twist of cucumbers to sandwiches too! Toast your bread lightly and spread the dressing. Then add your favorite meat, cheese and veggies!

Key Ingredients

Cucumbers, Bacon, Garlic, Parsley, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper, Smoke


  • Premium Ingredients
  • Made In Small Batches To Retain Flavor and Quality
  • 0 Cholesterol


  • Great on salads
  • Sandwiches and drizzled over vegetables.
  • Also great on wings.

Product Information

  • Description: KYVAN® Cucumber Bacon Ranch Dressing
  • Unit Quantity: 6
  • Shelf Life: 365 Days
  • Kosher: No
  • Natural Ingredients: No
  • Storage Temperature: 50F – 80F

64 oz
Case Information

  • Item Code
  • UPC Code
  • Pack Type
    6 X 0.5 Gallons
  • Case Dimensions
    12.75 X 10.25 X 10.00
  • Case Cube
  • Case Weight
    30 lbs
  • Pallet Ti/Hi
    12 x 5

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