Don’t Be Cruel Barbecue Duel

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) — The “Don’t Be Cruel Barbecue Duel” is growing each year.

Proceeds collected will benefit the Link Centre in Tupelo.The top barbecue cooks from all over the southeast are in the All-America City at Fairpark. “Barbecue and entertainment,” said Kim Wright, Hamilton, Alabama resident. “Its for a good time.”

“Great barbecue, great festivities for the kids. It’s a must got to for me and my family anually in Tupelo,” stated Reggie Kelly of Aberdeen.

“I came just for the entertainment and the day out,” adds Wright. “[Plus] a chance to taste some great barbecue. I like barbecue, the smokiness of it is great.”

“Yeah we hear the food is good, so we wanted to come out check it out and see how it is,” said Christina Davenport, Tupelo resident. “[We plan] to definitely get us a plate.”

This annual event draws people in from all over the southeast. “When you think about the south, we’re known for great cooking and definitely known for great barbecue,” adds Kelly. “People from all over the country know that Mississippi stands for great sports, but not only that but great food and barbecue definitely has to be included in the mix.”

“There’s no where in the United States that does barbecue like the south, especially Mississippi. There’s no way I would miss this. It’s the best of the best that your going to get as far as barbecue is concerned,” said Pyar Brazile of Tupelo. The Don’t Be Cruel Barbecue Duel attracts people back to Tupelo who say you just cant find barbecue food anywhere else like you do in the deep south.

“It’s southern. No one in Florida understands good southern barbecue,” said Cheryl Wheeler, Tampa, Florida resident. “They don’t even know how to do barbecue sandwiches. You put the slaw on the bun not on the side.” One-hundred teams competed this year, and money and trophies were awarded to the top cooks.