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Craft Hot Sauce Review

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KYVAN Hot Sauce

Posted by Brian Ruhlmann on Mar 8, 2015 12:06:00 PM

KYVAN Hot Sauce is this weeks Craft Hot Sauce profile. Owned and operated by former NFL player Reggie Kelly! Reggie brings his competitive spirit from the field and competes for the best Mississippi Hot Sauces. Read on to hear about how Reggie and his wife Sheila began their sauce company in Aberdeen, Mississippi.
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How I got started in hot sauce

Cooking has been an event in itself growing up in my household. Where I grew up in Mississippi, we were not called chefs, but cooks. Everything cooked, was made with LOVE. Our products are family recipes, passed down from generation to generation. The thought of starting a food line came about after hosting free football camps in my hometown, where the guest raved about the good food and that was when the red light went off to have our products mass produced so that all can taste and “Appreciate the Goodness!” We named our food line after my 2 kids(KYla and kaVAN).
Our business is a family owned business with a line of specialty products, owned by Former NFL Player Reggie Kelly and his wife, Sheila.
My most famous hot sauce
KYVAN Original Mississippi Hot Sauce has a rich, flavorful taste at the front and a mild heat at the back. It is an excellent hot sauce that can be added in chili or dips for additional depth of flavors.
Our other popular sauce is KYVAN Hot Wing sauce which has a spicy kick with a distinguishing hint of peppers. This sauce, made with cayenne peppers, focuses on flavor first with the perfect amount of heat to finish.
My advice to chiliheads or novice hot sauce makers”Always pay attention to the details.”

Twitter: @kyvan82
Instagram: @kyvan82
Facebook: ReggieKellysKYVAN
Aberdeen, MS
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Tailgating Challenge Review

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TailgatingChallangeLogo 2Kyvan Review
Do you love soul food? Is it hard to find the right seasonings to get the flavor you are looking for? Well thanks for former NFL pro Reggie Kelly there is an entire line to satisfy your the cravings from your soul.

Kyvan has sauces, butters, salsa, jams, jellies, and seasonings to get that southern taste we all need at times. We were sent some Sweet BBQ sauces and some honey apple salsa to give a taste test to. The BBQ sauce has sweet flavor that you won’t soon forget and we had this a recent tailgate for many of our friends to try who also gave it 2 thumbs up!
The honey apple salsa hits you with a sweet flavor when you first taste and it then moves into a spicey hit to finish it off. Very nice.

PROS: Unique product to the tailgating community with the soulfood background. Good flavor and spiceyness in the samples we tried. The products tested are also Gluten Free.

CONS: If you don’t like a little heat with your foods then be careful.
Overall, these products fit a niche market for that southern, soul cooking flavor that can fill that void when you need to feed your SOUL!

Check them out:

The Q Review

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Logo 400As tailgating grows in popularity, the relationship between football and BBQ becomes even more evident. These days, competition quality Q can be found smoking in stadium parking lots all across the country. Saturday and Sunday afternoons have become showcases for pit masters to both feed and entertain fans before and after the big game.

It’s no surprise that football players sometimes get into BBQ as well. Ex Mississippi State standout and 13 year NFL pro, Reggie Kelly, is a prime example. After completing his football career, Reggie transitioned to the food business. Leaning on his Southern roots and love of cooking, Reggie Kelly started Kyvan Soul Food Selections (named after his children, Kyla and Kavan).

Kyvan’s product line includes several sauces (BBQ / Wing), spice rubs, salsas and fruit spreads. Since we try to focus primarily on BBQ, Reggie was kind enough to send me some of his Sweet BBQ Sauce to review. Kyvan sauces are packaged in 16 oz. plastic bottles. The color scheme and design is very similar for all of their sauces. The Kyvan logo is featured prominently (front and center) on each bottle. The sauce is a rich, dark brown in the bottle. It’s consistency is “syrup like” and pours pretty quickly from the bottle.

The label says “Sweet BBQ Sauce” and that’s no lie. The tomato based sauce uses both brown and white sugar, along with HFCS, for a multi layered sweetness. Savory ingredients like onion and garlic are present, but don’t quite balance the sweetness. There is also a significant smoke factor that was somewhat unexpected, but very enjoyable.

When tasting the sauce, I also felt like their was a slight Polynesian note to the flavor that I couldn’t quite place. Whatever it was, it worked well with the smokiness. As I’ve said time after time, I’m a sucker for a sweet BBQ sauce. It doesn’t get much sweeter than Kyvan’s.

My family and I used Sweet BBQ Sauce a number of times as a dip and grilling glaze. It won rave reviews from everyone at the table. It was especially good on baby back ribs. The sauce brushed on smooth and glistened on the ribs as they finished grilling. All those sugars got even richer when heat was applied.

Kyvan’s Sweet BBQ Sauce is an excellent compliment to ribs and chicken. It also works well as a dip for chicken fingers / nuggets. When using as a grilling glaze, it’s important to be conscious of open flames because of the high sugar content. Sweet sauces will char in a hurry when near an open flame.

Kvan Soul Food Selections can be found in Walmarts and several independent grocers throughout the South East. You can also purchase Sweet BBQ Sauce directly from the source at .

Rating: (4/5)

Nine Spice Review

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KYVAN Apple ButterNothing says fall is coming like Apple Butter – so I was delighted when we got the chance to try out Kyvan’s Honey Apple Butter from the kitchen of NFL Star Reggie Kelly, his wife Sheila and their southern-cookin’ family! Go Bengals!

Having lived in the south for a few years myself – I developed a love for authentic soul food and Kyvan definitely delivers on that front. Their Honey Apple Butter has a sweet flavor without being cloying and while the spices are noticeable, they don’t overpower the fresh apple flavor. This is the kind of spread you’ll want to put on warm biscuits and enjoy any time of day. In addition, the texture is very smooth – no chunks here, which I prefer as you can use it in more ways – as a spread or an ingredient

I am looking forward to trying out Kyvan with weekend breakfast…can you say Honey Apple Butter Waffles!

Atlanta Food Critic Review

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KYVAN™ Sweet BBQ Sauce
by Atlanta Food Critic on August 4, 2014

header-afcBetween school and our business we don’t have as much time as we would like to just be a foodie and do some restaurant reviews. That’s why I got pretty excited when we had the opportunity to review KYVAN™ Sweet BBQ Sauce. We get tons of emails asking for such reviews and we’re often too busy to respond but this one caught my eye.

First, the company is founded by NFL veteran Reggie Kelly. If you’re not a sports fan, the guy’s a legend and it was awesome to watch him play while he was with the Atlanta Falcons. Next, he’s from Mississippi. BBQ sauce from the Deep South? Are you thinking I’m passing this one up? Not a chance.

When the time came, I threw it all out there. It was a family affair, a birthday cookout for a friend of the family and the house was packed. Do I dare try it in front of everyone? Hey, go for it – that’s how we roll!

Let me begin by saying that we received the Sweet BBQ Sauce. KYVAN (note, that the company named is formed from the names of their two children), also makes hot sauce, wing sauce and much more. I am normally not a big fan of sweet BBQ sauce. Personal choice, but Melanie loves it as do most people I think.

I have to say that the KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce won me over. It’s not too sweet and tastes like a barbecue sauce instead of a fancied ketchup. Seasoned just right without ever venturing on the tangy side, it was a hit with everyone at the party.

I should also add that we used this with bone-in chicken baked in an electric oven so there was no additional flavoring that might come from a gas or charcoal grill. I think chicken is one of the best meats to try sauces on because the consistency of the meat is generally better than pork or beef spare ribs.

We thought that KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce is a great choice for anyone looking for a mild barbecue sauce, was an excellent compliment to chicken, and feel that flavor would be even more enhanced cook on the grill. Give it a shot – we think its a touchdown!

Scott Roberts Review on The Firecast

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cropped-weekly-firecast-website-header1The Firecast with Scott Roberts: Firecast Podcast Episode #61 – NFL Veteran Reggie Kelly of Kyvan Foods

Former member of the Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals, Reggie Kelly, stops by the Firecast to talk about his new lineup of BBQ sauces, salsas, apple butters and jambalaya starters under the Kyvan Foods moniker, how he is steeped in Southern cooking, and what kind of barbecue is preferred in his home state of Mississippi.


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