Atlanta Food Critic Review

KYVAN™ Sweet BBQ Sauce
by Atlanta Food Critic on August 4, 2014

header-afcBetween school and our business we don’t have as much time as we would like to just be a foodie and do some restaurant reviews. That’s why I got pretty excited when we had the opportunity to review KYVAN™ Sweet BBQ Sauce. We get tons of emails asking for such reviews and we’re often too busy to respond but this one caught my eye.

First, the company is founded by NFL veteran Reggie Kelly. If you’re not a sports fan, the guy’s a legend and it was awesome to watch him play while he was with the Atlanta Falcons. Next, he’s from Mississippi. BBQ sauce from the Deep South? Are you thinking I’m passing this one up? Not a chance.

When the time came, I threw it all out there. It was a family affair, a birthday cookout for a friend of the family and the house was packed. Do I dare try it in front of everyone? Hey, go for it – that’s how we roll!

Let me begin by saying that we received the Sweet BBQ Sauce. KYVAN (note, that the company named is formed from the names of their two children), also makes hot sauce, wing sauce and much more. I am normally not a big fan of sweet BBQ sauce. Personal choice, but Melanie loves it as do most people I think.

I have to say that the KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce won me over. It’s not too sweet and tastes like a barbecue sauce instead of a fancied ketchup. Seasoned just right without ever venturing on the tangy side, it was a hit with everyone at the party.

I should also add that we used this with bone-in chicken baked in an electric oven so there was no additional flavoring that might come from a gas or charcoal grill. I think chicken is one of the best meats to try sauces on because the consistency of the meat is generally better than pork or beef spare ribs.

We thought that KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce is a great choice for anyone looking for a mild barbecue sauce, was an excellent compliment to chicken, and feel that flavor would be even more enhanced cook on the grill. Give it a shot – we think its a touchdown!

Atlanta Food Critic Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating