KYVAN™ Sweet BBQ Sauce

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Great on chicken, pork, beef, fish, meatloaf, pizza, seafood, vegetables, everything….and we do mean EVERYTHING! Also great as a dip and marinade!

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“I had some of that Kyvan sweet BBQ sauce on some chicken the other day and it was delicious. It’s sweet like the name says, but not too sweet. Just the right amount of sweetness. I’ve been trying to think of the next thing to put it on ever since.” – Chase Coffman | Missouri Tigers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Atlanta Falcons Tight End

“Y’all have to check out my man Reggie Kelly’s KYVAN Sweet BBQ sauce. Sauce is the bomb! Best out there. Hands down!” – Jamar Chaney | Mississippi State Bulldog, Philadelphia Eagles, and Atlanta Falcons Line Backer

“Reggie and his wife do a great job with KYVAN! I’ve tried the mild salsa and sweet BBQ Sauce, and both were fantastic. I used to think all salsas were the same. Now all I want is some KYVAN. Everything else just tastes average.” – Kyle Tait | MBraves Radio

“KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce was by far the best thick sweet sauce I’ve put in my mouth!” – Ben Nelson | Columbus, MS

“KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce is mouth watering, the best ever.” – Heather Blair | Starkville, MS

“Reggie’s Sweet BBQ Sauce is sweet and delicious! What a blessing…” – Marty Ishee | West Point, MS

“Delicious Sauce! Tangy and sweet!” – Judy Trull | Kennedy, AL

“I used KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce as a glaze for wings last night. I must say it was perfect. Normally I have to add Jack to make it less thick but this sauce has the right “texture” and flavor…right out of the bottle.” – Clayton Fields | Wisconsin

“Can’t wait to eat this on some ribs or chicken! Ummm!” – Sallie McComb | Aberdeen, MS

“BBQ Sauce is pig spankin good!” – Donna Smith | Amour, MS

“Awesome taste!” – Donna Smith | Greenwood, MS

“Best BBQ Sauce around!” – Hunter Knight | Smithville, MS

“I found the BBQ Sauce to be fantastic. It was a great combination of sweet and tangy. I recommend this sauce for any Ole Miss tailgate.” – Chase Surrell | Hatley, MS

“Good on anything. Sho Nuff, Good Stuuf. Makes anything taste bad Awesome!” – Bubba McCandless | Hamilton, MS

“My family and I are into home cooked meals and natural ingredients. When we tried the KYVAN BBQ Sauce, we fell in love! Everyone was licking their fingers. It’s savory taste is addictive.” – Tina Jackson | Florida

“I’ve tried KYVAN BBQ sauce and it has an excellent flavor..So with the Fourth of July being right around the corner you should try it!!” – Erica Holliday Stephen | Aberdeen, MS

“These products are awesome, especially the BBQ sauce and salsa! But, that’s my taste for the greatness! I’m gonna share my recipe for BBQ bologna, MAKE U SLAP YO MOMMA GOOD!” – Jeff Doty | Facebook

“KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce is unlike any other on the shelf. It is not filled with cheap starches and gums like most BBQ sauces and goes wonderful on chicken, beef, pork and seafood. A must try and you will come back for more!” – FoodCritic | Amazon

“That sweet BBQ Sauce is nothing shy of the best sauce that I’ve ever tried (and I’ve sampled my share of BBQ sauces).” – Donna Echols | The Clarion-Ledger

“All my BBQ heads gotta try it!! It’s a risk worth taking!!” – Slimbrookyln | Instagram

“Kyvan is a line of World Class Products! He might be a champion on the Football Field but Kyvan is a champion in the BBQ Arena!..Kyvan is a championship level BBQ Sauce.” – Darryl Mast | BBQSuperStars

“Love your BBQ Sauce!” – Timothy Conley | Facebook

“This sweet & smoky ‘cue sauce is delicious on burgers, pulled pork, ribs, hot dogs & more. Slather crackers with extra pimiento cheese & bacon & drizzle liberally with this tasty sauce… you’ll be glad you did.” – Rebecca

“We love KYVAN Sweet BBQ Sauce so much we could almost drink it straight out of the bottle. Being from the south ourselves (ATL) we love to slather BBQ sauce on just about anything.” – real foods real kitchens

“I’m always skeptical when a celebrity or sports figure slaps their name on a hot sauce or BBQ sauce bottle and tries to peddle it to the public. The product is usually lackluster. Not this guy. He understands flavors, and is the real deal.” – ScottRobertsWeb

“…Making use of that case of sauce today and every body is crazy over it on the chops and chicken. Excellent products and you have a free salesman here as I brag on your stuff all the time. And sending some of the sauce to Minnesota to let them know how it’s done in Mississippi.” – David | Facebook

“Got kyvan in the turn at Old Waverly! Great products from @reggiekelly82 members and guest love it! Thank you! ..we are loving the great #kyvan products…” – Old Waverly Country Club

“It was a perfect addition to our grill out yesterday!! One taste of sweet BBQ sauce and we were sold!! Yummy goodness……” – Sarah | Facebook

“Great stuff! Thank you @kyvan82 for being #awesome!” – Jason Shelton | Mayor of Tupelo, MS

“Just tried your sauce for the first time today. It is some really good stuff will be putting it on some brisket tonight!” – Southern Coastal Cooking

“Oh the sweet BBQ Sauce is to die for” – April