KYVAN™ Original Hot Sauce

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Great on everything! Adds excitement to everything! Tasty on everything! Don't forget to put on everything!

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“Awesome! Fantastic flavor and perfect for any dish – This is a “Real Man’s” Hot Sauce!!!” – Alex Heberlein | Columbus, MS

“Amazing sauce! My mouth is on fire in a good way!” – Brittany | Columbus, MS

“Phenomenal, there’s no other like it. Great taste and not bad on the waist!” – Tasha L. Smith | Aberdeen, MS

“Fantastic hot sauce! Really Really Great!” – Tammy Palmer | Starkville, MS

“I love a spicy kick in a good deviled egg and Kyvan Original Hot Sauce lends just the right amount of heat with a nice acidic undertone from vinegar. Expect a balanced flavor that isn’t too hot. I like to add a shake or two onto each deviled egg just before enjoying as well.” – Rebecca

“your wing sauces are a tailgating favorite here in Mizzou!!” – 9thandelm

“I’m always skeptical when a celebrity or sports figure slaps their name on a hot sauce or BBQ sauce bottle and tries to peddle it to the public. The product is usually lackluster. Not this guy. He understands flavors, and is the real deal.” – ScottRobertsWeb