KYVAN Foods loves cooking with kids!

We know. You’ve heard it before, and you live it each and every day. It’s busy. I mean BUSY. So, what is the first thing you are thinking about at 4:30 or 5:00 in the afternoon when you know the family is going to be hungry (…and I do mean HUNGRY) very soon.


I confess. It is so tempting to go with that first impulse I get to pick something up on the way home, pop it on the table still half warm and feel I’ve delivered something tasty to the family. But, there’s still a lot missing in that. Or, if not exactly missing, still a potentially rich opportunity for the family that has passed by.  And, KYVAN Foods makes this so simple. We hear and read all the time about the downside of families-on-the-go substituting at home/make-at-home dinners with carry outs as we scramble from work to evening activities that are usually very valuable and wholesome parts of our lives. But there is so much upside to sharing meals made at home, especially when they are made together.
Several sources that provide great ideas for involving our children in preparing meals include Epicurious and Livestrong. They cite benefits that range from learning about the origins of food and foods of other cultures to consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables. One benefit that is left unstated is entertainment.




Yes, entertainment. Sure, cooking with our children is more engaging and interactive than any of the most interactive electronic games. It can be flat out fun! On this note, we applaud young Kade Dumas for his initiative and passion that sparked his very own cooking show! We also applaud his parents for the encouragement and support they give him in pursuing his passion.
Take a look at Cookin’ with Kade! He has a number of great, kid-easy recipes on YouTube. Take notes and try these with your kids. And, don’t stop there. Let the creativity flow. Go with the inspiration to try new things on your own. Tell us how it goes too. We’d love to hear your stories of cooking together.
Enjoy your family, your meals, and above all – Appreciate the Goodness!