KYVAN Foods and the Great Outdoors – tell us YOUR summer story

We’ve been celebrating the “great outdoors” this summer at KYVAN™. In addition to our passion for great food, we enjoy and embrace the terrific times being outdoors, taking in the fresh air, and being active – or relaxed! – with family and friends.   Amongst the various summer activities our staff enjoyed was a trip to the Sleeping Bear Dunes area in Michigan. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is a protected area operated by the National Park Service, and offers great recreational activities – hiking, canoeing, kayaking, cycling and more – in a very beautiful setting.   A big blue sky, sparkling blue Lake Michigan waters, and in between thick green forests, interrupted by tall dunes of warm, soft sand.   Somehow, a Chinese dinner on a trip within a rural, Midwest location might seem out of place. Nevertheless, a fortune cookie from this meal observed: “Traveling to new places can bring transformation.”   Certainly, visiting a beautiful location such as Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is transformative. Even on repeat trips!   Trips like this bring a chance to unplug – literally – look at the world around us in a new way, and touch us at the level of the soul with a connection to something larger and eternal.   This trip took some traveling, but one of the magical things about simply getting outdoors, be it the park down the street, the ocean, a lake Great or small, the mountains, the desert and canyons all across our country, or sites around the world…. is that near or far, getting outdoors, opening our eyes and taking great, deep breaths can bring amazing transformation.   So what does this all have to do with KYVAN™….? Well, we want you to get to know us. We are truly passionate about what we do – working hard to bring terrific, authentic flavor of the South to our friends, family and fans across the country. And, we have numerous other interests – our Faith, our Families and our country to name just a few. We value wellness, stewardship and education, and so much more. Somehow, great food fits in with everything too, and you can be sure we will be doing our best to make your good times extra special with KYVAN™ products that are Oh So Good!!   And, it’s not all about us. We are eager to hear your stories, so let’s wrap up July with this request – tell us your stories of times outdoors this summer. We want to hear how you enjoy spending your summer.   We’ll share stories in the KYVAN™ . Be sure to sign up, so you can hear from fellow KYVAN™ Foods Fans!