KYVAN™ Appreciates the Goodness – of Labor Day and our workforce.

This is a reflection of Gratitude this Labor Day holiday weekend.


We live in a culture that makes it easy to complain about the economy, the job market, workplace equality and more.  But let’s not. Let’s count the blessings that grace us in the American job market.


Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 in New York City, as recognition by the Central Labor Union, of “the workingman’s holiday”.   Oregon, our 33rd state was the first to establish Labor Day as a state holiday in 1887. It became a national holiday in 1894.


Things were SO different then.   At the time, the U.S. was in the midst of “the second industrial revolution”, a period running from 1870 to 1914, during which innovation and transportation transformed economic activity in an unprecedented way. Manufacturing, mining, agriculture and forestry and the customers these industries served all benefited from roads, steamboats, the Erie Canal and the railroads that had recently come to link together the far-reaching regions of our country.


While the free market we work in is not perfect, it has been the engine of prosperity never seen before in human history.


Wow. It’s easy to get carried away!    But truly, U.S. workers have accomplished amazing things!


Our work consumes so much of our waking hours. It’s our hope that yours aligns in a fulfilling way with the unique gifts and talents you have. And, if you are seeking ways to gain more fulfillment from your work, we hope that comes your way. In the meantime, whether you know it or not, please know that your contributions are important. The work you do every day helps someone who needs the product you make or the service you provide.


Rest assured, someone – probably many “someones” are grateful for the work you do.


American workers – we appreciate all that you do.   We celebrate your effort and dedication.


Happy Labor Day everyone!