KYVAN™ Apple Butter: Sweet Decadence in a Jar!!

Apple Butter.


Sweet, smooth delicious Apple Butter.


It was exciting to learn this week that All Sauced Up in Tennessee will start carrying KYVAN™ Apple Butter in their stores, beginning this week.



KYVAN™ Honey Apple Butter

It got me wondering about the origins of Apple Butter.  And while its history is foggy, I don’t think it goes back to Eve’s time in the Garden of Eden.  Even the serpent had no idea how decadent apples had the potential to be!!


Wikipedia points to European regions in the Middle Ages that are now Belgium, the Netherlands and the Rhineland area of Germany.  According to this source, monasteries wanting to preserve apples after the harvest conceived the first apple butter.


Right or wrong, Apple Butter in the U.S. has roots in colonial times.   Lehigh Valley History (in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania) claims that Apple Butter is an American invention and attributes it to German settlers as far back as the 1700’s.


Certainly, preserving the harvest was one reason for the creation of apple butter, but Lehigh Valley history notes a couple other interesting items.  One is that appleSAUCE would not last as long as Apple Butter; Apple Butter could sustain farm families through the winter and beyond.


Apple butter making


The other item of interest is the description of apples being consumed at every meal for most of the year.   Wow!  If “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, did apples at every meal bring good health for a lifetime?!?


A post by Robert Edgington in Country Living describes his memories of making Apple Butter with his family when he was young.  He reflects that this annual autumn ritual involved a total of 32 bushels of apples that yielded 22 gallons of Apple Butter.   This was in the 1930’s and involved many family members, large kettles over big fires, and at least a couple days!  The post is a good read, and ends with a recipe that takes considerably less time — just 11 hours!


It’s so much easier to buy KYVAN™ Apple Butter!!   It’s available in select SuperValu stores and for purchase on line through or the KYVAN™ website.  AND, if you are coming to the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area in Tennessee, you can stock up at All Sauced Up!!