JET magazine for launches their first annual “Fantastic Fathers” contest

Summer’s not even here yet, and the celebrations keep on coming!

Father’s Day is right ahead of us, and we want to wish all dad’s a wonderful, rewarding Father’s Day with their children.  And grandchildren, as the case may be!

We want to give a call out to JET magazine for launching their first annual “Fantastic Fathers” contest this year.  KYVAN™ founder Reggie Kelly was amongst the nominees, and competition was strong with more than 60 admirable fathers featured.  It was an impressive group – and, it goes without saying – the fantastic fathers out there are in millions.  Wouldn’t it be great to applaud them all?!

We hope you would join us.  Send us a note about your father, or your experience as a father.  We’d love to post your reflections and stories here on our blog.

There’s no deadline by the way. KYVAN™ is a family-focused company and we’d love to hear your stories for Father’s Day – AND anytime.

Here are some thoughts our staff had to share:

Reggie Kelly, Owner – My father is an influential force in my life. Growing up, he was instrumental in teaching me the importance of hard work, the value of a dollar, and the constant need to live with integrity.

There’s nothing quite like a strong man in a household and my dad is the definition of strength and sacrifice. He taught me how to be a man by showing great patience with me and also giving me wisdom on how to handle difficulty with truth and honor.

I’m grateful to have a loving father and am please to take the torch, run with it, and instill the same values into my kids so that they will love the Lord, be responsible and live productive lives….a father’s greatest desire!

It’s my honor, it’s my pleasure to say, “Happy Father’s Day to my pops and to all the great dads out there!”

Jane Jarz Browe, Marketing Director – My dad passed away in 1979, so memories are either crystal clear or very fuzzy.  I do remember how my dad loved to argue with his sister, my aunt, during the football season.  They’d grown up in Milwaukee and my dad went to college at University of Chicago.   And, after flying South Pacific Air Transport during World War II, my mom and dad eventually settled in Chicago.  These locations are important because my aunt was a devoted Green Bay Packers fan.  My dad formed an allegiance to the Chicago Bears.  We got together frequently during football season and the arguments were …um…lively… about whose team was superior.   Seriously?  These were the years of Bart Starr and Gayle Sayers.  Plenty to argue about!

In matters other than football (are there any, REALLY?), my dad is responsible for my love of water.   He spent his boyhood summers swimming in Lake Michigan at the Milwaukee lakefront.  When I was a kid, we kept a boat in Monroe Street Harbor at the Chicago lakefront, and we’d run it across the lake to Michigan for a few weeks most summers.  Little soothes me like being near Lake Michigan, and since I live far from it now, I settle for swimming whenever I can.  I attribute my almost- gills to my dad.