KYVAN™ Jambalaya Sauce

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Great in jambalaya, gumbo, étouffée, soups, stews, and traditional creole dishes! Also, adds TONS of flavor to chicken, rice, vegetables, and fish!

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“KYVAN Jambalaya Sauce is the bomb! I just love all the KYVAN Products and they all are really good! I’m a proud mom! Thank God for the blessing!” – Newassa Kelly

“I’ve honestly never had or HEARD of anything like this. When I first saw it, I was extremely apprehensive! I mean, jambalaya from a jar?! Come on now, this can’t be right! But, boy oh boy, when my wife started cooking it… it filled the house with a soulful aroma; and when I took that very first bite, I was immediately hooked. I’ll never eat another jambalaya. It’s quick, easy, no mess, no fuss and most importantly, it’s healthy and delicious! AND, it still tastes great as leftovers. That’s the REAL test!” – Cortney Westbrook | E Squared Enterprises

“Jambalaya sauce has a good taste!” – Nancia Brown | Facebook

“Creole and Cajun food are my favorite types of cooking in the country, and through my travels I found that first, it is very hard to get right, and second, it is hard to find good quality of it outside of New Orleans, and third, it is almost impossible to do justice to it at home. I have found a few places here and there that can do Cajun right that aren’t in the state of Louisiana, but they are few and far between. But this sauce stays authentic to Southern flavor and let’s you make your own soulful jambalaya at home your way! KYVAN does not skip the little things and pays attention to the details of what makes Southern food great!” – Providence | Amazon

“Delicious, outstanding and very flavorful! This Jambalaya sauce is the best I have ever had. We love adding rice and shrimp to make an easy meal.” – Sheila | Facebook

“You won’t find anything better than KYVAN products anywhere on the market. We have been lobbying our local groceries stores to carry all their products.” – Chris Mascaro | Host of Thursday Night Tailgate

“I tried this sauce and cooked Jambalaya for the first time and it was delicious! I used the recipe for the KYVAN site… It was so easy to prepare with this sauce. I’m delighted that I have added a new recipe to my lifestyle and the taste of the dish got better each day as a leftover. Yummy!” – Speaklife | Amazon

“KYVAN has some GREAT food products! Our household favorite is the Jambalaya!” – Christian | Facebook

“just tried your jambalaya for the first time and it won’t be the last! #yummy” – Lainie Anthony | Twitter

“This is what we had for dinner tonight. It is so good!” – Lea Ann Cavin Knight | Facebook

“Great Sauce!” – FireDisc Grills | Facebook