Good-bye summer…. HELLO, Football!!!!


Well, there could be ONE bright side to the end of summer:  Football IS back!!


Whether you’re favorite team is at the Peewee, Collegiate or Pro Level — or any in between, a lot of fun is underway in more ways than one.


Football is such a rite of autumn that it’s —just like leaves turn colors, the harvest coming in, geese migrating — it’s easy to consider it just another gift of nature that has always been a part of the season.


Have you ever really thought of how it all began?


When I started to think about things like football history, the odd shape of the football, how tailgating came to be, I realized I take for granted far too much that “it’s just always been that way”.


I’ve got a few trivia questions.


To the first person to answer these correctly, we’ll send a pack of the four KYVAN® can’t-get-enough-of-them sauces: Sweet BBQ Sauce, Sesame Garlic Sauce, Original Hot Sauce and Hot Wing Sauce.


  • Who invented the game of football?
  • Why is the football shaped the way it is?
  • How did the tradition of tailgating get started?


Send your answers to  The first email received with all correct answers wins!